Friday, August 22, 2014

Munchery - San Francisco

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Munchery is a San Francisco based meal delivery service offering local, fresh and healthy pre-made meals right to your door. I had never thought about doing a meal delivery service until my co-workers banded together to give me a gift card for Munchery after a scary stint in the hospital.

During my recovery time, cooking, getting to the store etc was not possible, so Munchery allowed me the chance to have really great food brought to me without having to continually bother my Friends and Family.

Though I am mostly mobile now, and stronger by the day, I have continued to use Munchery a few times a week. This allows me more free time to head to the gym or, just relax and have a clean kitchen without any hassle.

One of my FAVORITE things about Munchery besides the food is their amazing customer service. The fact that they text you 5 minutes before arrival as an FYI is fantastic. In the delivery instructions section I always ask that they text me when they are outside. I live in one of those silly San Francisco studios with my own entrance, but no doorbell, where the front door is actually far away from the studio itself so it is IMPOSSIBLE to know if someone is their waiting for me or not. They NEVER forget to text me they are outside... AMAZING.

Food through Munchery has been fantastic. Healthy, Fresh and very flavorful. I enjoy being able to have a variety to choose from depending on my mood that moment.

This company is highly recommended by me. Give it a try!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Day I Almost Died

July 1st I stepped off a curb and sprained my ankle. Most boring story in the world. One step off a curb, in sneakers while sober dramatically affected my life and the lives of those who care deeply for me.

After going to the doctor they recommend I be put into a cast because the sprain was joined by a couple avulsion fractures. I didn't want the cast, and even tried to get out of it and just stay with the boot, but the cast was a necessity according to this podiatrist.

A week went by and I was managing just fine with the cast, though a little slower. But then I started to having sever pain in my calf, so sever I could no longer bare weight on it. I spent a week in tears and frustration as my condition went from sucky to shitty.

Finally, I set up an appointment to go back to Kaiser and have them look at the cast. Thinking maybe it was put on weird or that I just had a wicked cramp in the calf from being immobile. In the back of my head I was wondering if maybe I had a blood clot, for those who are unaware my mom died of a Pulmonary Embolisms, so naturally it was a little thought i had.

During the appointment they removed the cast, the cast tech tried to wipe down my leg to clean it and I nearly punched him it hurt so bad. He said he would be putting another cast on and I said NO. He brought in this podiatrist again, I asked him why it hurt worse than the injury and if it could be a clot given my moms history. He said no. Told us that my nerves were just "going haywire" from the injury. He put me in a boot instead and sent me home. Relieved... I went about my week, but still suffering sever pain.

Sent my family photo updates on my ankle, honestly, it still looked the same. My sister called me slightly panicked because she had shown my photos to her friend who is a nurse and the nurse told her it looked like I had blood clots. My sister was very worried. I brushed it off and tried to calm her, telling her that I was JUST at the doctors and was told I'd be fine but promised her if it still hurt after the weekend I'd go back in.

That same day I went to work, did 3 interviews with my fellow managers and then headed out across the quad to go home. I took a few steps on my crutches in the rare San Francisco sun and felt a little light headed. I figured I hadn't eaten much that day, so maybe that was why I felt so weak. A few more steps and I started to get the Tell Tale signs that I was about to pass out. My hearing went muffled, my vision tunneled and nearly went black. I kept talking to myself saying "Do not pass out, Do not pass out" and I crutched over to the closest bench and laid down.

Once I relaxed after about 5 minutes I sat up and felt OK, so I stood and tried again. A few more steps and the exact same thing happened, but now I was very nauseous. I just wanted to go home at this point and I was trying to figure out how to get there, I knew I needed to get to that Shuttle Stop, so I tried again. Standing, I took maybe 10 steps before I felt like I'd puke and then the world started going black again.

Panicing, and a little confused I called my co-worker who came running with a wheel chair. She took one look at me and asked what I thought we should do and to my surprise I said I needed to go to the ER. I was scared, something felt off and she looked scared too.

They got me to her car and we rushed through the city streets. I tried so hard to stay awake, but all I wanted to do was sleep, or pass out. She tried to talk to me, but I wasn't very responsive. I remember feeling faint and weak, watching cars go by and the old air hitting my face and I remember telling myself, "Do not pass out, do not pass out".

At the ER I was transferred from the car to a wheel chair, talking to the admittance lady was a struggle., I was sweating, I couldn't breath and I was about to pass out. I couldn't remember my address or my phone number. They put a wrist band on me and got me into the back.

Everything seemed fine-ish. The guy didn't seem worried, but I was still struggling to not pass out, I was on the brink and barely able to communicate, yet I felt so calm and so relaxed. Suddenly, as if  in slow motion the doctor was rushing to me, then rushing me to a guerny, then, as if magic I was laying on that bed. The nurses had my arms out finding veins and lots of chatter happening around me. The nurse took my neckless off and the first thing I did was look at her and say through my oxygen mask "please don't lose that". Then I passed out.

I came around to a nurse patting my face and saying my name and telling me I needed to open my eyes because my pulse was weak, if I didn't open they would have to shock my heart, people were everywhere and some how my shirt and bra were missing. I managed to open my eyes and look at the nurse and say "I think I have a Pulmonary Embolisms" - some laughter from the crowed around me and the nurse, smiling said "Yea we all think so too" and then I was out again.

The oxygen mask was my savior. After coming to again, I sucked deeply on the pure air flowing at max speed into my lungs. The nurses seemed to settle down and in the corner I saw my co-worker sitting, texting my family and being so strong for me. I started talking and moving again. Now that I was stable, I was told they needed a CT scan of my lungs. They rushed me to the doughnut shaped machine and injected dye into my IV's. I don't know how long the scan took, but when it was done I could hear the nurse saying they saw something.

Wheeled back into the ER room I was talking to my co-worker who told me my family was on the way and that my boyfriend would be here soon. The ER doctor and nurses returned with the findings of my scan. When they told me that I did in fact have Pulmonary Embolisms all I could do was cry and look at my co-worker who kissed my head and brushed the hair from my face. A women I only knew on a professional level, became a dear friend in that moment. I blurted out that this was how my mom died and a silence hushed the room full of people, as if a sudden understanding of my fears was finally met. The doctor tried to assure me that it was caught early, and I will recover, but it didn't help, all I could think was "I'm Dead.".

The ICU doctor was brought in to asses my case and decide where I needed to go placed. He asked questions, reviewed my chart and decided right away I would be spending the night in ICU.

The look on Jaime's face when I saw him for the first time broke my heart. He looked sad and scared, but I was so relieved to have him their. I reached out for his hand, despite the painful IV's and just held his hand as tight as I physically could. He held the oxygen mask for me since it was too big and kept sliding. He watched my monitors very closely and supported me in any way he could.

A short time later I was brought up to ICU, my co-worker had left, Jaime was by my side, my family was fighting traffic and I lay weak on oxygen in the ICU, still managing to crack jokes.

My family came and I saw the pain and fear in each of their eyes. We were all reliving the day my mom died. It scared every single one of them. But I reminded them I was young, I was strong and that I am a fighter.

My heart broke when I saw my sister, I was amazed at how strong she was. We have had so much loss in our lives as sisters, we aren't the best of friends, we don't really know each other as people, but out of every single person I love, I feared for her the most. I didn't want her to think she was losing another sibling. I didn't want her to see her daughter, my niece who is the most important person to me suffer and fear.
I just reminded them I am strong and I am here to stay.

The next morning, after a nearly sleepless night I was given my "Walking Test" to see if I could be released. I felt OK, and wanting to get out of the ICU. The nurse grabbed my portable monitors and off we went.. 4 steps into it my heart rate jumped to 136, they told me to sit but I said NO just a few more steps, I feel fine... 5 more steps, my heart rate was 146 and my oxygen dropped to 80, a firm "Meghan, I think you should sit in the wheel chair" came from my nurse and I knew I was doomed. The doctors in the station said I wasn't going home.

Later I was ushered up to the Stroke Unit. My heart Rate was their biggest concern. The stroke unit was a nice place. Amazing Views, Private Rooms, Private Bathrooms.. seriously, was like a  5-star hotel compared to the ICU. My family came and went, Jaime's family came and went. Shots, Medication and drinking water was the better part of my day here. Finally asked for some pain meds for my ankle, and was able to get a good nights sleep.

More family and best friend. Another walking test and this time.. I FREAKING PASSED. And within a few hours I was out the door on the way home. I spent the first week out of the hospital with family. They saw an amazingly fast recovery. The 2nd week I spent at home adjusting to my new life, slightly slower life  for the next 9 months, which is the projected time it will take for the clots to go away.

After getting confirmation that I was being released the ICU doctor came to say he didn't think I would make it through the night without a stroke. That they put me in ICU because I was in such bad shape and were unsure of which way I'd turn. That they sent me to the Stroke Unit because they felt I'd stroke out on my next "walking test". He said he was so impressed and so amazed at how quickly I came around and how hard I fought back.

Yes... I almost died in July 2014. If it hadn't been for my co-worker getting me to the hospital just in time. If it hand't been for the team of ER doctors and nurses. If it hadn't been the strength of my family and friends. If it hadn't been for my Fighter mentality, I wouldn't be here.

No, I didn't see bright lights, or have any visitors. I saw pitch black and recall myself screaming in my own head "I am not ready to die, I am not ready, I am NOT dying." over and over again.

Pulmonary Embolisms can happen to anyone. Listen to your body and if you think something isn't right, don't let the doctors brush you off. Fight for your own health. Only you know your body.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Finally.... a Juke

Ladies and Gentleman, Please Meet My Juke, Nivian.

In 2013 I had the very unfortunate experience of having my 2002 Champagne Gold Honda Accord completely totaled. My car's name was "Lady". She was the first car I owned, was paid off and I had kept her in awesome condition for many years.

Thankfully, I was NOT in the car when it was totaled, I had the very sad experience of walking to my car after work and finding it sitting on the body, with a tiny note of apology with contact information. After having my car looked at by their insurance and mine it was given a diagnosis of Totaled and I was given a pretty decent settlement given the age on my poor ol' girl.

During the time I was waiting for the check, her company paid for a rental, I was going to car-lots as much as I could trying to figure out what I wanted. I hadn't even LOOKED at cars in the past 10 years because I was so happy with my car.

J highly recommended that I buy used, as I had more than enough to cover a good used car and still have some extra. (something I probably should have listened too in the first place, lesson learned!)

Crunch time came and I was really sick with a cold, I only have the rental for another DAY and they REFUSED to extend. I drove up to see my family an hour away and have my dad help look for a car. In the process I had fallen in love with a 2012 Nissan Juke, but it was too expensive and too weird.

I wanted to be LOGICAL and get something I knew was practical... So I ended up with a BRAND NEW 2013 Honda Civic. A nice little car indeed, in my price range even though it was brand new.

After I drive the car off the lot I HATED IT. I spent one entire year pouring money into my loan for a car I never liked. I tried to like it, I tried to give it a name, and drive it around. I took the car on many long distance trips and put a solid 10,000 miles on her in 12 months. But we just didn't click.

I kept lusting after these weird Juke's. I test drove dozens, tried to find fair deals over that year period and I had no luck until...

My dad bought a Jeep from a Nissan Dealership and mentioned to the sales guy I was looking for a Juke. Turned out they had gotten a used one in that day and it was being inspected and certified for re-sale. I just happened to be in town the following day. After about 3 hours with the sales department, a lot of back and forth..

I am the PROUD OWNER of a 2012 Black All Wheel Drive Nissan Juke. And thanks to my amazing boyfriend J, they are installing a Back Up Camera on their dime.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My 30 Before Treinta (Thirty)

I was born January 29th 1987. 

I am currently 27 years old.

The age of 30 is approaching faster and faster as the years fly by and instead of living in fear of the big 3-0 I have decided to EMBRACE it. To help me do this I am doing a 30 Before 30 list. 

This list has 30 things I want to accomplish before I turn 30.

My hope is to write about each experience over the next few years and keep up with my excitement over turning 30.

1) Introductory Retreat at Shasta Abbey Buddhist Monastery

2) Visit Alcatraz
3) Own a handgun
4) Pay for a Random Families Dinner
5) Cook a Whole Chicken
6) Try to Speak Conversational Spanish
7) Lose 30 Pounds
8) Swim with Sharks
9) Take a Spontaneous Trip (Read About It Here!) 
10) Own a Juke (get rid of the Honda!) (Read About It Here!)
11) Have ZERO Credit Card debt for 365 days
12) Hike Mission Peak in Fremont
13) Go Parasailing 
14) Start Planning a Solo Out Of Country Trip
15) Learn to change a tire
16) Downsize my Closet
17) Go To Archimedes Banya in San Francisco
18) Do a CLASH Scavenger Hunt
19) Visit a Ghost Town
20) Wear Fake Eyelashes
21) Try Fencing
22) Finally try Ethiopian Food
23) Volunteer Once Each Year (27, 28, 29)
24) Donate Blood Whenever Possible (my rare-ish blood is a hot commodity AB+)
25) Try Knitting or Crocheting 
26) Family 1 night camping trip with Dad, J, April, B, Elise&Greg, Cam&Dyl, J&J
27) Take a Segway Tour
28) Find a better name for this Blog!
29) Visit the Redwoods with J
30) Camp in Yosemite
31) Get Engaged to J (that one isn't up to me so it gets to be number 31)

Monday, February 10, 2014

8 hours in an Airport

I had a spur of the moment trip that left me alone at the Oakland Airport for just about 8 hours. I wasn't concerned with the hours dragging on, with tablets, cell phones and IPods plus people watching I knew I'd be ok. But I never expected having human connections.

Hyped up on coffee I started doing laps of the terminal after about 5 a pilot beckoned me to him, I cuirose went to him in a this British accent he said I was making him tired and that he'd like to buy me a drink. 

We sat at the Chilis bar at 6:40AM having Bloody Mary's and talking about mundane things like the weather. I dressed in yoga pants and a simply ol comfortable shirt and he in his fancy blue suit and tie with shiny gold pilot wings shared a briefe encounter of the human kind. He departed me for work with a handshake and a smile.

After my Bloody Mary I was back to pacing the terminal. Oakland Terminal 1 is small and only about 0.14 miles per lap (yep totally used an app). A fellow sitting in the chairs, seemingly people watching started jokingly counting my laps, asking me questions, told me I was making him dizzy and finally asked me to join him, which I did. We chatted about travel, society, his daughter, people watched together, laughed together and made a connection. He invited me to breakfast and we sat at Chilis together drinking water and eating eggs, laughing at how neither of us could hear our server even after we asked her to speak up. Our time came to a close as he waited until the very last minute to board his flight to give us the most time together. This stranger offered, then insisted paying for my meal. We hugged and parted ways, never to see or hear from each other again. No phone numbers or emails were exchanged just a hug and well wishes.

For a few hours, he was a dear friend, he reached out, showed kindness and we shared an experience I will probably never forget.

Making connections of the human kind seems to be a dying experience. We are so plugged in to our electronics we often miss out on just being human.

I am thankful to both men who reached out to me, but particularly my 3 hour friend who was headed to Hawaii on February 5th 2014. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

52 - Week Savings Challenge 2014

Last year, I did the 52 - Week Savings Challenge and it went really well. 

I enjoyed it, the challenge was easy and at the end of the year, after the Holidays it was awesome to have that little cushion in my savings account. 

This year, 2014, the challenge has taken off and nearly everyone I know is doing it in some form, so I figured this would be a good topic to get me writing again. 

How it works:
The money goes weekly into a Savings Account or Cash Jar. At the end of the 52 weeks you will have saved $1,378.00.

Week 1 = $1
Week 2 = $2
Week 3 = $3

Last year, I decided to FLIP the regular challenge that has gone viral from starting at $1 to starting at $52. This way, I am putting the least amount of money into the savings account around the Holidays. 

Here is the chart I made:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

UPDATE: 30-Day Crunch Challenge

Just a quick update on how the Challenge is going for me...

It's Going GREAT! 

I did have a day where I missed it because I took a spur of the moment trip to Harbin Hot Springs, but I doubled up the next day.

The end is near.. and I am FEELING IT.

What a great experience. I think I am going to do it next month as well! If anyone is interested in joining me, please feel free to comment and I will be sure to update the progress more.

30-Day Crunch Challenge: